It’s with great excitement that we announce the participation of Staffordshire Quantums RLFC in this year’s Midlands 9’s Rugby League Festival. Entering their second season, the team from Rugeley is set to make a substantial impact and establish themselves as THE rugby league team in Staffordshire this year.

Staffordshire Quantums: A Team on the Rise

As they embark on their second season, Staffordshire Quantums are not just playing rugby; they are looking to truly etch their name as the premier rugby league team in Staffordshire. Their journey so far has been one of passion, growth, and commitment to the sport. By integrating the iconic Staffordshire logo into their branding, the Quantums have shown a deep connection and pride in representing their county.

Expanding Horizons in 2024

This year, the team is aiming to broaden its reach by playing more games across Staffordshire. This expansion is not just about playing more rugby; it’s about taking the spirit and excitement of the game to every corner of the county, engaging with communities, and growing the sport’s fan base.

A Dynamic Leader: Captain Lewis Mckail

Leading the team this year is the impressive Lewis Mckail, who, in his first season at the age of 17, has already made a significant impact. His leadership, skill, and dedication to the game exemplify the qualities that Staffordshire Quantums RLFC embodies. Under his captaincy, the team looks forward to a season of competitive play and strong performances.

Staffordshire Quantums at the Midlands 9’s

Participating in the Midlands 9’s Rugby League Festival is a crucial part of Staffordshire Quantums’ journey to establish themselves in the rugby league. The festival is a perfect platform for the team to showcase their talent, strategy, and the spirit that makes them unique. Fans and spectators can expect energetic and compelling games from the Quantums, reflecting their growth and ambitions in the sport.

Join Us in Supporting Their Journey

We are delighted to welcome Staffordshire Quantums RLFC to the Midlands 9’s Rugby League Festival and invite all rugby fans to join us in supporting their journey. Their participation is a celebration of new talent, the unifying power of rugby, and the pride of representing one’s country on the field.

Let’s gear up for an exhilarating festival with Staffordshire Quantums RLFC as they stride forward in their mission to become the definitive rugby league team of Staffordshire.