Picture a world where the thrill of sports blends with the rhythm of music, creating an enchanting spectacle. This was the extraordinary fusion that unfolded at the inaugural Midlands 9s Rugby League Tournament and Music Festival!

This incredible event was dreamed up by Craig and Karl, the fabulous hosts of the Rugby League Outsiders podcast. They wanted to bring something super cool to the world of rugby league, and boy, did they succeed! Before the festival even started, you could feel the excitement buzzing in the air. People from all over the UK were preparing for a weekend filled with rugby, music, and fun times with friends. Despite facing some tough challenges like illnesses and tricky logistics, Craig and Karl never gave up.


They worked hard to ensure everything was perfect for the big day. And when the tournament finally kicked off, it was non-stop action! Teams from all over the Midlands showed off their skills and sportsmanship, keeping everyone on the edge. We saw some amazing moments, like the awesome RAF ladies’ team showing off their skills, the Midlands Hurricanes women playing their first match, and the Sherwood and Loughborough teams giving it their all. And the rugby field turned into a concert stage when the sun went down! Bands like the Stiff Meisters and The Mardi Bums rocked the night away, making everyone dance and sing along.

The Mardi Bums especially blew everyone away with their incredible performance. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable day. As the festival ended, Craig and Karl looked back on all the hard work they put in. But they also knew it was totally worth it. The Midlands 9s was more than just a festival—a journey that brought people together and celebrated the things they loved.

For everyone there, whether playing rugby, singing, dancing, or just soaking in the awesome atmosphere, the Midlands 9s was a reminder of how awesome community, competition, and music can be. And who knows? Maybe there will be even more amazing adventures like this in the future. But for now, let’s say cheers to the Midlands 9s—an adventure we’ll never forget!