In a groundbreaking announcement, we are thrilled to reveal that the Midlands Hurricanes Women’s Team have entered the women’s tournament at the upcoming Midlands 9s Rugby League Festival! This marks a significant milestone for women’s rugby league in the region and promises to be an event filled with excitement, skill, and fierce competition.

Head coach Jamie Jones has expressed immense privilege and excitement at the prospect of launching the Midlands Hurricanes Women’s Team onto the competitive stage. With the Midlands 9s set to be their inaugural round of fixtures, the team is gearing up for what promises to be a thrilling debut. As Coach Jones aptly puts it, “What an occasion to launch at!”

The establishment of the Midlands Hurricanes Women’s Team signifies a new chapter in the region’s rugby league landscape. With aspirations of building a highly successful women’s rugby league team, Coach Jones and his team are laying the groundwork for what they hope will become a formidable force in the sport. Despite being a brand new side, they are determined to make their mark and challenge some of the established institutions in rugby league.

Coach Jones’s analogy of “from little acorns, big oaks grow” captures the essence of the team’s journey. Starting small, they aim to cultivate a strong foundation that will allow them to grow and flourish, much like the other esteemed clubs in the region. Central to their mission is the desire to provide women with the opportunity to experience the thrill and camaraderie of rugby league firsthand.

With the Midlands Hurricanes Women’s Team stepping onto the field, fans can expect a display of skill, determination, and unwavering spirit. As they embark on this exciting venture, they carry with them the hopes and dreams of aspiring female rugby league players across the region.

So, mark your calendars and do not miss the Midlands Hurricanes Women’s Team in action at the Midlands 9s Rugby League Festival. It’s sure to be a spectacle that will leave a lasting impression on fans and players alike as they write the first chapter in what promises to be an inspiring journey for women’s rugby league in the Midlands.