The Midlands 9s Rugby League Festival is a much-anticipated event in the rugby calendar, where talent, sportsmanship, and passion for the game converge. In its maiden year, the festival is set to scale new heights with the introduction of a magnificent trophy, a symbol of glory and achievement that every club dreams of adding to its cabinet.

Craig Williams and Karl Walker, the dynamic duo behind the Rugby League Outsiders, have always envisioned the Midlands 9s as more than just a tournament; it’s a celebration of the sport’s spirit and community. Understanding the significance of a tangible symbol of victory, they have gone the extra mile to ensure that the trophy is as grand as the occasion itself.

The Trophy: A Symbol of Prestige and Pride

Crafted steal, the trophies for the Midlands 9s have been custom-made in the United States. Their design is not just a testament to the grandeur of the event but also a reflection of the hard work and dedication that teams put into the sport. The winners of both the Men’s and Women’s competitions will be awarded identical trophies, symbolizing the festival’s commitment to gender equality in sports.

In addition to the main trophies, the social competition winners will not be left behind. They will receive a half-size version of the same design, ensuring that every achievement, big or small, is celebrated with equal fervour.

More than Just a Trophy

The Midlands 9s Rugby League Festival is about creating an experience that stays with the participants long after the final whistle. Alongside the prestigious trophies, winners and runners-up will be awarded medals, and there will be an array of merchandise for all attendees. This approach ensures that every participant, regardless of the outcome, takes home a piece of the festival’s spirit.

A Word from the Founder

Karl Walker, one of the founders, shared his thoughts on this significant addition:

“In the heart of every athlete lies a burning desire to stand out, to be acknowledged not just for winning but for the passion and effort they put into the game. With the Midlands 9s trophies, we aim to encapsulate that spirit of excellence and perseverance. These trophies are not just awards; they are a recognition of the journey, the battles fought, and the triumphs achieved. We believe that when a team lifts this trophy, they don’t just raise a piece of metal; they elevate the dreams, the hard work, and the unity that this sport embodies.”


The Midlands 9s Rugby League Festival, with its new trophies, is set to be an event that resonates with the ethos of rugby. It’s not just about winning; it’s about the honour, the respect, and the memories created on and off the field. As teams prepare to battle for these coveted trophies, the festival is poised to be a celebration of the sport’s undying spirit and the unbreakable bond within the rugby community.